Shae Céline

"A clear and pristine voice coupled with perfect timing and entertaining presence"

​~Critical Jazz

She begins the album with the big rhythm of "Shooting Star" as her vocals perfectly fit this pop genre.

~JP Music Blog

"On the 'Can You Feel The Music' question of singer 'Shae' we can after listening to her debut album so only resounding 'yes'."

~Roots Times

"Johnson (Shae) was at the mic channeling Grace Slick dialed up several decibels."

~Tahoe On Stage

“She doesn’t know it but I might be auditioning to be her guitar player someday,”

~Craig Chaquico

"...she’s young enough to still embrace pop music, so it’s no real surprise that this is a pop / dance hybrid.  Albeit a rather good one."

~The Rocker UK

"The dance numbers on 'Can You Feel the Music' — written Johnson and Walden — could hold an audience at any Los Angeles dance club."

 ~Mail Tribune

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Can you feel the music?